PCmover Enterprise support & resources

PCmover Enterprise has a broad set of features that can be configured to the needs of all scenarios. IT staff is able to change PCmover workflow, rules, and settings without development expertise, and PCmover Enterprise will be executed in predetermined fashion.

Note: PCmover Enterprise has two components, the “Client” and the “PCmover Manager”.

PCmover Client

  • “Portable” application, can run from a network share or storage device
  • Policy file can be centrally managed
  • Compatible with Windows XP to the current version of Windows 10 (32/64 bit OS)
  • Multiple connection options: LAN, Wireless, USB 2.0/3.0, Ethernet cable, or storage device.
  • Supports migrations to/from virtual PC and “thin client” environments

PCmover Manager

  • Ability to run pre/post scripting
  • Streamline the migration procedure by removing migration “decisions"
  • Improve migration filtering and “blacklist” management
  • Easily modify PCmover “rule set” to override default configurations
  • PCmover can be customized without extensive development
  • PCmover utilizes “rules” to automate processes and enforce IT migration policies
  • Enhanced reports can provide detailed reporting for users, applications, data and more

Premium Support Options


Provides access to Laplink's Enterprise Support Team which is available for help (call backs, email or online sessions) during normal business hours (8am-5pm PST). The Enterprise Support Team handles all PCME-related issues, troubleshooting, and future enhancement feedback. Working language is English. This option also provides post sales software customizations.


Training and Assistance (OTA) includes demos of the software and customization tools, product documentation, web training on the use of PM and PCME in the client’s network. Furthermore, the Enterprise Support Team may assist in adjusting policy files and supporting them during the evaluation and pilot phases prior to rollout.

  • Deep dive demonstrations of PCmover Enterprise Client & Policy Manager
  • Log File analysis
  • Policy File creation
  • Light/Zero touch consulting and configuration

Relates to all updates, upgrades and new version releases of PCmover Enterprise. During the term of the maintenance agreement customers can access all updates, upgrades and new versions of PCmover Enterprise.

Maintenance included with the purchase of licenses under an Annual Site License (ASL) provides coverage for the duration of the ASL agreement.

PCmover Enterprise Documentation

Enterprise Whitepapers

Enterprise Case Studies

There is no doubt that PCmover will save you time and money when you need a migration solution for your organization. For this reason, companies from both public, private, profit and non-profit sectors have all adopted PCmover.

  • Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company
    This multi-national pharmaceutical company uses PCmover Enterprise to migrate roughly 100,000 PCs within 14 months, most of which were done by the end-users themselves. The IT team, having previously used USMT, found PCmover to be a much more complete and simple solution.
  • PCmover Enterprise Chosen Over USMT for Complex PC Deployment
    Global Professional & Financial Services Firm successfully completes a transfer of over 175,000 Windows® PCs – more efficient and cost effective than Microsoft’s User State Migration Tool (USMT).
  • Australian Government Agency
    A government agency in Australia seeking to improve processes and reduce costs of their hardware refreshes and their transfers of settings, applications and data. These tasks needed to be completed for approximately 1,400 PCs in 20 offices, nationwide.

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