PCmover Enterprise will save you hours of IT time and resources throughout your PC hardware and OS refreshes

Laplink has been providing solutions to the public sector for over 40 years. Our PCmover software has enabled government agencies to be more efficient in serving citizens by providing an automated solution for their PC hardware and OS refreshes. Our solution provides significant cost savings for your migrations over the traditional labor intensive approaches.


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PCmover Enterprise simplifies migrations, reducing IT staff time with automated, low- and zero-touch migrations that are fully customizable to the unique needs of your organization. In just a few clicks, IT can initiate a transfer and move on to other priority tasks while continuing to monitor and manage the transfer from anywhere.

PCmover Enterprise Government Features


In response to the requests by federal, state, and local governments we have enhanced the functionality of PCmover Enterprise with the following special features to ensure additional security, encryption and configurations.

Decrease IT Effort

Network Port Configuration

As an additional security measure PCmover Government Edition allows the communication ports to be modified from the standard network ports used by other versions of PCmover. This can help avoid other versions of PCmover being used to attempt communication with the government version, as well as other common attacks such as SYN attacks or other denial attacks.
Decrease IT Effort

Connect To IP Address Or Hostname

In more complex government networks, there may be a need to perform a migration to another subnet where classic mechanisms for finding computers in PCmover might not be adequate. The government version of PCmover allows a host name and IP address to be entered to make a connection.

Note: In order to make an SSL connection, a host name is required for proper certificate validation.
Decrease IT Effort

Specify SSL Certificate Authority

Presently PCmover uses its own certificate server accessible over the Internet. Government entities, especially those who may not allow Internet access, may wish to have their own certificate authority. For added security, the government version of PCmover allows entities to specify their own SSL Certificate Authority or an SSL Certificate Authority of their choosing.
Decrease IT Effort

FIPS Enforcement And Encryption

The government version of PCmover allows support for computers that are set to use Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant algorithms as determined by the computers security settings. When this setting is used, the standard edition of PCmover Enterprise will refuse to run. However, the government edition will run with FIPS support enabled. Also certain resources are encrypted with FIPS compliant AES.

Note: PCmover uses FIPS compliant algorithms. However, this does not mean that PCmover is FIPS certified.
Decrease IT Effort

Signed Policy Files

PCmover Enterprise uses policy files to control various aspects and options of the PCmover program. In the government version of PCmover these policy files are signed and verified with signing certificates.
Decrease IT Effort

Premium Support

Provides access to Laplink's Enterprise Support Team which is available for help (call backs, email or online sessions) during normal business hours (8am-5pm PST). The Enterprise Support Team handles all PCME-related issues, troubleshooting, and future enhancement feedback. Working language is English. This option also provides post sales software customizations.
Remote Home Office Migrations

Remote Home Office Migrations

PCmover Enterprise wins in direct competition over USMT and other tools by meeting demands by central IT departments

  • An automated reliable solution that can be adjusted by end users if needed
  • A direct connection method which does not rely on corporate VPNs or Cloud solutions (limited data throughput) with Laplink Super-Speed USB 3.0 cables
  • The ability to move selected applications
  • Execution of Central IT policies

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